Fun coverage, on the road or in your home.

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Perhaps “fun” isn’t the right word here. Obviously, if you are going to use your insurance, there is nothing “fun” about having a loss that requires you to make a claim. Rather than “fun”, let’s say there are some coverages out there that are unique – and can be valuable.

Cell phone insurance as part of their auto policy??

For instance, one of our companies offers cell phone insurance as part of their auto policy. That is zero deductible coverage for your cell phone; lose it, break it, have someone steal it, it’s covered, automatically; at no cost to you. That’s kind of a “fun” coverage. In my opinion anyway. Another great coverage available to you on several different companies’ auto policies is roadside assistance. This one is also not really “fun” because when you are using it, you are stranded somewhere. Then again if you have this coverage, you won’t ever be stranded anymore, so that’s fun.

Auto policies aren’t the only policies with “fun” coverage. One of our favorite new companies is Universal, and they have an interesting coverage that will replace your appliances, should they break down. It only costs $50 a year, but it works much like a home warranty. That’s kind of fun, not having to worry about your appliances breaking down.

I think the most “fun” coverage of all is the one that doesn’t cost you any MORE, that’s for sure. Generally, when we are quoting people, we do our best to ensure that they have all of the coverage that they really need – and hopefully, some extra coverage that they will never need. We also hope that during that process we can put some money back in their pockets. More often than not, we do.

That’s the part that I find fun, to be honest. Fun like a waterslide on a hot day.

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