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Love these guys! They are proactive ever year, shop rates, and then call me to discuss. Additionally I got more insurance for a lot less money. Highly recommend them! - Becky

Amazing customer service! The Phoenix (Jason) has handled all of my insurance coverage's for the last 11 years. They take the time each year to review my policies to find the lowest price for the best coverage and let me know if they found a lower price option. Would not use any other company. - Cheri

This was my first time getting insurance for myself and I was pretty stressed about it. I drive a 40 year old car daily and drive a rather long distance for work on a daily basis, the car also has a lot of sentimental and I didn’t just want cheap liability for it. I was going into this with the worst possible thoughts when it came to price of the insurance, and possibly having to downgrade my wants for the price tag. Aaron and Eric made it very easy for me to understand what my options were as well as got me everything I wanted a price I never imagined. Very happy I made the call to them! - Samantha

Have had Phoenix take care of all my insurance. Needs for the past few years and couldn't be happier. Just recently bought an 03 Mach 1 Mustang and they were able to get me an amazing policy for the car. Jason is the man! - Ryan

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