I know that lots of you out there drive convertibles, but do you have the right kind of coverage? Do have a high comprehensive deductible? If so, have you considered this possibility?

Ever though about what would happen if your roof got slashed? When someone thinks that they deserve your things more than you do, and they take their knife out of their lowlife pocket and cut your roof and take your stuff. 

If you have a low deductible (as I am suggesting) then you can call your insurance company, have a low out of pocket on your repair, and move on down the road, remembering to park in brighter lighted lots in the future.

When you buy insurance, you need to keep in mind the kind of risks that you are most likely to encounter in order to cover your property properly. You either need to think about it yourself, or call an expert (like us – preferably us, in fact) and let that expert guide you in your purchase.

In our increasingly DIY world, The Phoenix is one place where you can get the advice and service that you deserve. We are here to advise you how best to invest your insurance premium dollars; give us a call and see how easy it can be to buy insurance.