You can win Four Texas Rangers Tickets.

Is everyone ready for some bracketology? Thanks for joining us again on TPN. I am your resident bracketologist Lance Cannon. As you know we have The Phoenix Insurance Charity Championship going on and we have got 44 well deserving charities. One of them is going to win a donation – but one of you fans, somebody’s going to win some Rangers tickets, so I’m gonna tell you how. We need you to go post on The Phoenix Insurance Facebook page and there you will find this bracket. Print it up, fill it out, take a picture of it and post it in the comments in that pinned Facebook page. Get that post in there before Monday when we lock out any more brackets. Here is how the scoring is going to go. In the first round for each win that you get you are going to get one point. The second round is going to earn you two points, the third round is going to earn you four points. We’re gonna keep doubling the points; quarter final you get eight points wor wins, semi-finals you get tw-sixteen points for wins, and the finals you are going to get 32 points. We’re gonna add up all the points and the person who has the most points from the wins is going to win those four Rangers tickets. So go to The Phoenix Insurance Facebook page, find that pinned post, get those brackets posted by Monday, so you can wi – get a chance to win. For TPN, thanks for joining us, I’m Lance Cannon.

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